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MethylMeter® – Ultra Sensitive Abscription Based Detection of DNA Methylation

MethylMeter is RiboMed’s advanced bisulfite-free DNA Methylation detection technology that utilizes their novel Abscription platform to achieve unprecedented levels of methylation sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility. In contrast to existing bisulfite-based technologies, MethylMeter has been effectively applied to both research and clinical applications, and has been shown to work effectively reproducibly in DNA Methylation based clinical diagnostic applications utilizing FFPE (Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded) tumor patient samples.

MethylMeter platform utilizes a two stage procedure which specifically captures methylated CpG islands, and then accurately and reproducibly quantitates the degree of methylation:


Step I –  MethylMagnet:  Methylated DNA Isolation

Bisulfite-free capture of methylated DNA utilizing the unique methyl binding properties of the MBD2 methyl binding protein to specifically capture CpG islands containing methylated DNA


Step II – CAP:   Coupled Abscritption-PCR  Amplification

Dramatically increased DNA Methylation detection sensitivity and accuracy is achieved with decreased levels of starting material by coupling standard PCR amplification with Abscription-based isothermal amplification.