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Innovative Products for Bisulfite-Free and MSRE-free DNA Methylation Studies

RiboMed develops products for the detection of CpG methylation, mutations, DNA, RNA, and protein using its proprietary Abscription® signal amplification technology in a process called CAPS (Coupled Abscription PCR Signaling). Detection can be formatted for real time fluorescence, mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis or rapid thin layer chromatography.


MethylMeter® is a sensitive MSRE and bisulfite-free DNA methylation detection technology for the quantitative measurement of the methylation level of specific DNA targets, even in challenging clinical samples, including FFPE tissue and bodily fluids ( Methylation measurements can be made on as little as 3 cell equivalents of DNA and is therefore sensitive enough for use in liquid biopsies. read more…

MethylMagnet® CpG DNA Isolation Kits:

Rapid, specific isolation kit for Methylated DNA

MethylMagnet® is faster and more specific that other methods.  The entire protocol requires less than 2 hours and DNA comes off the column ready to go directly into MethylMeter assays.  Works with 1 to 100 ng DNA. read more…

MethylMagnet® Proteins:

Tools for capture and detection of methylated DNA

MethylMagnet proteins are versatile tools for the study of CpG methylation in DNA.  They have a much higher affinity for DNA methylated on both strands, versus hemi-methylated DNA.  In addiiton to the high specificity for methylated DNA, these proteins have several features that make them useful tools. read more…

Dinucleotides – Transcription Initiators

Dinucleotides serve as initiators of transcription.  These dinucleotides are substrates for many RNA polymerases, including T7, E.coli RNAP, Thermus RNAP and some eukaryotic RNAPs.  RiboMed provides a number of unlabeled dinucletides and some fluorescent or biotin labeled dinucleotides can be synthesized upon request. read more…

Transcription Terminators – 3’O-Methyl-NTPs

RiboMed offers NTP analogs that serve as transcription terminators with many RNAP polymerases.  3’O-Methyl-NTPs are incorporated only into the 3′ end of the RNA molecules. read more…

Equipment and Supplies

RiboMed sells small some equipment for use with MethylMeter kits and Abscription assays.  This includes our versatile Tube Magnetic Separation Rack and an affordable and efficient apparatus for rapid Thin Layer Chromatography (rTLC), a method that RiboMed has developed for the analysis of Abscription products. read more

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