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2019 News

January 2019

RiboMed receives NICHD award to develop epigenetic test for endometriosis

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a new contract from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The project, entitled
“Non-invasive assay for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis” will focus on the development of a test for early detection from bodily fluids using an epigenetic biomarker panel, including gene-specific DNA methylation.

Endometriosis occurs when endometrium (the lining of the uterus) starts to grow outside the uterus, causing pelvic pain and reduced fertility. Although approximately 1 in 10 women of childbearing age suffer from endometriosis, there exists no easy method for diagnosis, with the average time from onset of symptoms to diagnosis being 7-10 years. The only definitive method is surgical, generally using laparoscopy. Annual healthcare costs and the costs of productivity loss associated with endometriosis have been estimated at over $20 billion a year in the US alone.

2018 News

August 2018

Ribomed CEO to present data on brain tumor stratification at epigenetic conference in London this September.

2017 News

RiboMed CEO to speak at 5th Cancer Epigenetics Conference in San Francisco Nov 9th, 2017 as part of the Novel Cancer Therapeutics Summit.

2016 News

July 2016

Press Release July 6, 2016

RiboMed and Tocagen collaborate to analyze epigenetic prognostic markers including MGMT in recurrent brain turmors

June 2016

Ribomed Clinical Services Lab performed the MGMT DNA Methylation analyses in this newly published study.

Study Published in Science Translational Medicine Reports Favorable Safety and Extended Survival for Brain Cancer Patients Treated with Tocagen’s Cancer-Selective Viral Gene Therapy

CBS News 8 piece on the above Tocagen study
Possible Brain Cancer Breakthrough

March 2016
Ribomed CEO to participate in Cancer Advance Boston meeting April 4-5.

Ribomed’s CEO, Dr. Michelle Hanna, will participate in an invitation only gathering of biotechnology executives being held at Harvard Medical School next week. This networking and discussion based forum brings together cancer experts from academia and industry to discuss current progress and future perspectives in cancer diagnostics and drug development.

2015 News

September 2015

Ribomed opens new CLIA lab in the San Diego Science Center.

Ribomed has moved to San Diego and reopened its CLIA lab to offer sensitive DNA methylation clinical tests, starting with its brain tumor prognostic and theranostic panel, GliomaSTRAT. The test is performed on frozen or FFPE gliomas and first stratifies the tumor by both grade (low grade glioma LGG vs high grade glioma HGG) by determining the tumor’s CIMP (CpG Island Methylator Phenotype), so that physicians can determine whether the patient should be treated with chemotherapy with Temozolomide (TMZ, Temodar®). The methylation status of the MGMT gene is then used to determine which of the patients with HGGs will respond to treatment, and which will be resistant and should be offered alternative treatment.

February 2015

Both RiboMed’s CSO and CEO will be presenting data on their DNA methylation profile based brain cancer test, GliomaSTRAT, at the 22nd International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco, CA at Moscone North Convention Center on February 15-20.  Dr. Hanna will be chairing the session on DNA Methylation and Cancer, as well as making a presentation on the new fluorescent MethylMeter assays on Feb 18. Dr. McCarthy will be presenting a poster on a new ESI-MS based multiplex assay developed with Agilent for the quantitative DNA methylation profiling of clinical samples by mass spectroscopy.

In addition, RiboMed will be launching their new MethylMeter services and RUO product line. We will be at the ResearchDx booth (#400). Drop by and learn about both companies.

2014 News

September 2014


Ribomed CEO Dr. Michelle Hanna will present at  the White Hat Life Science Investor Conference in Phoenix on September 18, 2014.   Stop by & visit the RiboMed booth at the Arizona Biotech Showcase, Sept. 17th. Phoenix Convention Center. Open FREE to the public 3-5 PM.

February 2014

RiboMed presents new brain cancer stratification test at Molecular Medicine Tri Conference.
RiboMed had a big presence at this year’s Molecular Medicine TriConference in San Francisco . The data for the new GliomaSTRAT™ test were presented in a poster entitled “GliomaSTRAT™A Four Gene DNA Methylation – Based LDT for Glioma Stratification by Tumor Aggressiveness & Potential Drug Response”, with lead author Dr. David McCarthy, RiboMed’s CSO, and co-authored by RiboMed’s collaborators at the Austrian Institute of Technology.  In addition, RiboMed’s CEO, Dr. Michelle Hanna, Chaired the Epigenetic Biomarkers and Diagnostic session in the Clinical Epigenetics track at the conference, the first year this track has been offered. Dr. Hanna was also part of a panel entitled “Developing and Commercializing Epigenetic Diagnostics”. Together with the CEO of Epigenomics and the founder of PrognosDx Health, the challenges of commercializing the first clinical diagnostic tests based on DNA methylation and histone modifications were discussed.

2013 News

December 3rd, 2013

RiboMed and NuvOx Pharma to Collaborate on Brain Cancer Drug and Companion Diagnostic Test

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. and NuvOx Pharma today jointly announced that they have entered into a collaborative agreement that will utilize RiboMed’s epigenetic biomarker test, GliomaSTRAT™, to characterize tumors from brain cancer patients and correlate response to NuvOx’s new drug, NVX-108 in the treatment of Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

June 12, 2013

RiboMed and Austrian Institute of Technology Partner on Epigenetic Tests for Early Lung Cancer Detection, Sub-typing and Drug Response

2012 News

December 2012

RiboMed Receives Three Additional Patents for Disease Diagnostics Methods

August 2012

RiboMed presented data this week on the G-CIMP DecisionDx clinical test to predict the aggressiveness of certain brain cancers, including gliomas and glioblastomas (GBMs).  The data were part of a talk given by RiboMed’s CSO, Dr. David McCarthy, entitled “First Available Multi-gene DNA Methylation Clinical Diagnostic Assay in FFPE Tumor Samples Applied to Improved Glioblastoma Staging and Therapy Selection” and was presented at the IBC Life Sciences Drug and Diagnostic Development Conference in San Francisco.

April 2012

RiboMed Launches Clinical Diagnostic Brain Cancer Assay. Multiple Biomarker DNA Methylation-based Prognostic Test for Glioma Brain Cancer

RiboMed Expands Patent Portfolio to 9 US Patents – Receives Notice of Allowance for Patent ” Abscription-Based Molecular Detection”

RiboMed Receives Notice of Allowance for Patent “Methods and Reagents for Detecting CpG Methylation With a Methyl CpG Binding Protein (MBP)”

Dr. Jeffrey Falk invited to speak at Drug & Diagnostic Development 2012 Meeting August 6-8 in San Francisco, CA

March 2012

RiboMed receives Notice of Allowance for Patent ‘Molecular Beacon-Based Methods for Detection of Targets Using Abscription ”

Clinical Diagnostic Assay Launch for Glioblastoma Multiple Biomarker DNA Methylation-based Prognostic Test

RiboMed publishes chapter on Abscription-based DNA Methylation Detection entitled “MethylMeter®: A Quantitative, Sensitive, and Bisulfite-Free Method for Analysis of DNA Methylation”

Dr. Michelle Hanna invited to speak at the Biomarker Summit 2012 March 15 & 16 in San Diego, CA

February 2012

RiboMed presentation at BIOCOM Partnering Meeting featured in North County Times

2011 News

February 2011

RiboMed receives CLIA Certification for  its new Ribomed Clinical Services Laboratory (RCSL)  and launches Abscription-based diagnostic test  based on differential DNA Methylation

2010 News

November 2010

Dr.John Chiplin joins RiboMed’s Board of Directors. RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. (“RiboMed”) has appointed Dr. John Chiplin to Board of Directors of the company.  Dr. Chiplin has over 25 years experience across the life science and technology industries.  RiboMed CEO Michelle Hanna said Dr. Chiplin’s extensive experience in the biotech industry will be an invaluable asset to the Company.

October 2010

RiboMed Appoints Dr. David Alberts as Chariman of Newly Formed Clinical Advisory Board. RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. (“RiboMed”) today announced the appointment of David Alberts, M.D. as Chairman of a newly formed Clinical Advisory Board focused on the development of its cancer theranostic tests.  Tests will utilize RiboMed’s bisulfite-free method for isolating methylated DNA and proprietary signal amplification technology, Abscription®.  RibMed’s bisulfite-free tests require substantially less patient sample, can be applied to most regions of the genome, require less time to obtain results, and are amenable to automation for high throughput screening.

September 2010

CSO David McCarthy Speaks at Epigenetics Europe in Dublin Ireland

“Coupled Abscription®-PCR (CAP) based Bisulfite-free Detection of Methylated CpG Islands”.  Abstract: A bisulfite-free method for methylated CpG detection was developed by coupling a linear signal generation method to PCR.  The Coupled Abscription®-PCR method (CAP) combines target amplification with the linear production of short RNA signals from artificial abortive promoters.  CAP assays were developed for the detection of CpG islands of relevance to prostate renal and bladder cancers.

August 2010

RiboMed files for CLIA lab certification.  RiboMed announced it has filed for CLIA certification.  According to RiboMed officials, molecular diagnostics is one of the fastest growing segments of the in vitro diagnostics industry. Once certification is completed, RiboMed plans to launch a series of epigenetic diagnostic and cancer theranostic tests based on RiboMed proprietary Abscription technology.  This initiative builds on RiboMed’s strengths and capabilities and positions the Company to participate in this rapidly growing market.

March 2010

European patent 1451366 issued, “Molecular Detection Systems Utilizing Reiterative Oligomucleotide Synthesis”.

January 2010

CEO Dr. Michelle Hanna Speaks at AACR Cancer Epigentics Conference in San Juan Puerto Rico “Rapid abscription-based bisulfite-free CpG methylation detection.”

2009 News

November 2009

RiboMed moves to expanded corporate headquarters in Carlsbad CA.  RiboMed has moved its headquarters to a newly renovated 15,000 square foot facility and is adding a clinical diagnostic lab to offer tests based on its proprietary technology, Abscription®.  RiboMed is located in Carlsbad California, 35 miles north of the city of San Diego and home to several biotechnology companies including Carlsbad’s second largest employer, Life Technologies.

September 2009

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc., a San Diego area biomarker discovery and diagnostics company, announced today the receipt of a $150,000 Phase I contract from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop bisulfite-free, DNA methylation based diagnostic assays for prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer.  Tests will utilize RiboMed’s proprietary signal amplification technology, Abscription®.  RiboMed has received four new U.S. patents related to Abscription® in the last year for disease-associated biomarker detection.

“This contract allows us to continue work that we started last year with NCI funding through its Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies Program (IMAT),” said RiboMed CEO Michelle Hanna.  “RiboMed’s abscription-based detection tests are extremely sensitive and specific while still being affordable.  They are ideally suited for non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic tests based on disease and drug associated biomarkers found in bodily fluids.”

June 2009

RiboMed is issued U.S. Patent 7,451,165, “Molecular detection systems utilizing reiterative oligonucleotide synthesis”.  Abstract: The present invention provides methods for detecting the presence of a target molecule by generating multiple detectable oligonucleotides through reiterative enzymatic oligonucleotide synthesis events on a defined polynucleotide sequence.  The methods generally comprise using a nucleoside, a mononucleotide, an oligonucleotide, or a polynucleotide, or analog thereof, to initiate synthesis of an oligonucleotide product that is substantially complementary to a target site on the defined polynucleotide sequence; optionally using nucleotides or nucleotide analogs as oligonucleotide chain elongators; using a chain terminator to terminate the polymerization reaction; and detecting multiple oligonucleotide products that have been synthesized by the polymerase.  In one aspect, the invention provides a method for detecting a target protein, DNA or RNA by generating multiple detectable RNA oligoribonucleotides by abortive transcription.

June 2009

RiboMed enters into a Distribution Agreement for Japan with Cosmo Bio CO, LTD in Japan.

Safe Harbor Statement

2008 News

December 2008

RiboMed Awarded patent for Methods for determining nucleic acid methylation

United States Patent 7,470,511

June 2008

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc., announced that the United States Patent Office has issued its second patent for their novel isothermal molecular detection process, Abscription™.  The patent, entitled “Molecular Detection Systems Utilizing Reiterative Oligonucleotide Synthesis” covers additional elements in methods for detecting the presence of target molecules by generating multiple copies of short target-specific oligonucleotides.  This signal generation method, the basis of RiboMed’s RiboMaker Detection System, is a robust, PCR-free process for detecting proteins and nucleic acids without target amplification.  The first patent focused primarily on detecting a DNA modification, methylation of CpG sites that occur very early in cancer and other diseases.

May 2008

RiboMed chosen to present at LifeScienceFest: FOLSOM, Calif., May 21, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Fifteen companies nationwide with innovations in medical devices, diagnostics and biotechnology have been chosen to present to investors and industry executives at TechCoire’s LifeScienceFest 2008 in Davis, Calif.  The two-day conference will be held June 3-4 at the University of California, Davis’ Mondavi Center.  Read the article.

Sacramento Business Journal

April 2008

Dr. Edward Gelmann now on board: RiboMed has added Dr. Edward Gelmann to its Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr. Gelmann is the chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology in the Department of Medicine and deputy director for clinical research in the cancer center at the Columbia University Medical Center.  Dr. Gelmann’s lab has been at the forefront of work on NKX3.1, a protein solely expressed in the prostate and shown to be the prostate cancer suppressor protein first downregulated at initiation of prostate cancer.  Before coming to CUMC, Dr. Gelmann was chief of the Division of Clinical Sciences in the Department of Oncology at Georgetown University.  He also directed the Clinical Research Management Office and the Program in Growth Regulation of Cancer at Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.  He is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School and received his oncology training at the National Cancer Institute.National Cancer Institute grant awarded: RiboMed has been awarded a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute under its Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies Program (IMAT).  The grant, entitled “Abscription™-Based CpG Methylation Assays for Early Cancer Detection” involves development of a bisulfate-free method for detecting gene methylation associated with tumor suppressor genes.

January 2008

We’ve MOVED: RiboMed has relocated its operations to Carlsbad, California in northern San Diego County.

2007 News

December 2007

RiboMed Scientific Advisory Board Member to Receive Nobel Prize in Medicine: RiboMed is thrilled to extend our congratulations to Dr. Mario Capecchi, one of RiboMed’s Scientific Advisory Board members.  Dr. Capecchi has been chosen to share this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.  Dr. Capecchi’s pioneering work in gene targeting has applications in virtually all areas of biomedicine.  His knock-out mice revolutionized the study of specific gene function.

June 2007

RiboMed Honored as One of “Arizona Companies to Watch” & “Spotlight Company”: RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. was recognized as one of the Arizona Companies to Watch, an awards program hosted by the Arizona Small Business Association in collaboration with the Edward Lowe Foundation.  RiboMed received extra attention when they were given a special Spotlight Award for their performance in the area of change.  “Dr. Hanna’s advocacy has helped “change the future economy of our state.” said ASBA CEO Joan Koerber-Walker.  RiboMed also received praise from City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.  “Dr. Michelle Hanna and the whole RiboMed team have had just a phenomenal impact on the city of Phoenix.  Dr. Hanna and all of RiboMed have been considered the pioneers in biotech engineering, and that effect has been profound on the city of Phoenix”, he said.  “We want to thank you.”

June 2007

RiboMed receives second patent on abscription-based molecular detection: RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. announced that the United States Patent Office has issued its second patent for their novel isothermal molecular detection process, Abscription™.  The patent, entitled “Molecular Detection Systems Utilizing Reiterative Oligonucleotide Synthesis” covers additional elements in methods for detecting the presence of target molecules by generating multiple copies of short target-specific oligonucleotides.  This signal generation method, the basis of RiboMed’s RiboMaker Detection System, is a robust, PCR-free process for detecting proteins and nucleic acids without target amplification.  The first patent focused primarily on detecting a DNA modification, methylation of CpG sites that occur very early in cancer and other diseases.

2006 News

April 2006

RiboMed CEO featured in April’s issue of In Vitro Diagnostics Technology: Read the article HERE

January 2006

RiboMed receives contract from the Department of Homeland Security to detect pathogens in food supply

2005 News

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Recipient of Frost & Sullivan Award

RiboMed relocates to downtown site

RiboMed Arizona Player in Bioterrorism:

Alberts to head Arizona Cancer Center: Dr. David S. Alberts, a member of RiboMed’s Scientific Advisory Board, has been appointed Director of the Arizona Cancer Center.  Alberts is a Professor of medicine, pharmacology, nutritional science, and public health at the University of Arizona College of Medicine and is a widely recognized leader in the field of cancer research.  Alberts has been the director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the Arizona Cancer Center since 1989 and has served as the Center’s deputy director in the past.  This appointment, which officially begins January 1, 2005, comes on the heels of a distinguished career that includes over four hundred peer reviewed publications and positions on a number of editorial boards.

2004 News

Phoenix biotech firm gets grant to detect airborne pathogens: The Arizona Republic Mar. 24, 2004 Article by Jodie Snyder.

RiboMed receives $3 million in contracts to fight bioterrorism: Phoenix, Arizona (January 12, 2004) – RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. has just received over $3 million in contracts to use their RiboMakerâ Detection System in a portable sensor for germs used in bio warfare. Funds for the project come from the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the new HISSS Program (Hand-held Isothermal Silver Standard Sensor). The program will fund development and production of a hand-held device to be used by military personnel for rapid detection of infectious organisms, including deadly bacteria and viruses like anthrax and smallpox. The organisms will be detected using a novel process called abscription™, for abortive transcription, which was invented by RiboMed’s founder and CEO, Dr. Michelle Hanna. The process can be used to detect protein, DNA, and RNA molecules that are specifically associated with these different bio warfare agents.

The HISSS program is a scientific and engineering collaboration involving RiboMed and five organizations from outside Arizona. DARPA and the U.S. Army Soldiers Chemical and Biological Command (SBCCOM) will be funding and overseeing the project. The device will be built by Northrop-Grumman and will utilize sample preparation technologies developed by MFSI, DNA amplification technologies developed by Ionian Technologies, and RNA and protein detection technologies developed by RiboMed. Staff from each of the participating organizations will meet at RiboMed’s new facilities in Phoenix for a kickoff meeting on in January.

This $3 Million funds just the first 12 months of what is expected to be a 3.5 year project. In the first phase, RiboMed will focus on optimizing abscription for the detection of RNA viruses and protein toxins in solution. The Company will have fourteen scientists and researchers working on its portion of the project. During the second phase of the project, abscription will be adapted for use in a portable micro fluidic device.

The RiboMaker™ Detection System is a proprietary, specific and sensitive signal-generation technology that utilizes the Company’s RiboLogs® and isothermal abscription (abortive transcription) process. RiboMaker® is a versatile platform for the production of thousands to millions of signals from a single target nucleic acid or protein, without the use of PCR or gel electrophoresis, making it highly amenable to automated technologies and high throughput screening.

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc., was originally founded as Designer Genes in 1999 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. RiboMed develops technologies and reagents for the detection of RNA, DNA and protein and the analysis of SNPs and CpG methylation sites. RiboMed is dedicated to the early detection of diseases and the agents that cause them.

RiboMed Selected to Present at World’s Best Technologies 2005: Phoenix, Arizona (November 2004) – RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. has been pre-selected to present its signature RiboMaker® Detection System at the World’s Best Technologies 2005 Conference in Arlington, Texas in March of next year. The RiboMaker® Detection System is a robust, isothermal, PCR-free method for detecting and quantifying proteins and nucleic acids. The core signal-generation technology, Abscription™, utilizes the reiterative synthesis of short aborted RNA transcripts (Abscripts™) by RiboMaker® Abscriptase™ to generate thousands to millions of quantifiable signals from a single target nucleic acid or protein, making it highly amenable to automated technologies and high throughput screening.

RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. is a translational genomics company developing rapid, specific, and robust tests for the early detection and characterization of diseases and their causative agents and the screening of drugs for treatment.

RiboMed is dedicated to improving life through early disease detection, non-invasive monitoring, and patient-specific therapies.

RiboMed CEO Featured on BioTech Today Radio Show: San Diego, California (November 2004) – Dr. Michelle Hanna, Founder and CEO of RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc. was interviewed on “BioTech Today,” hosted by Dr. David Lemberg and Sam Kephart. “BioTech Today” is a New Media Internet radio show, carried by World Talk Radio, helping to promote the success of the biotechnology and nanotechnology industries. The show provides a supportive conversational environment, allowing industry leaders to present their mission, message, and products to a wide-ranging and inclusive international audience.

RiboMed is dedicated to improving life through early disease detection, non-invasive monitoring, and patient-specific therapies.

2003 News

RiboMed Awarded $502K NIH Phase I SBIR Grant: Phoenix, Arizona (June 1, 2003) – RiboMed, a biotechnology company developing rapid, PCR-free molecular detection assays, has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. This $502,000 grant will be used to further development of an isothermal signal amplification system based upon the company’s proprietary Abscription™ process. The assay under development will be used for the rapid detection and quantification of target DNA or RNA in blood or tissue sample.

RiboMed Registers Trademark for RiboLog®: Phoenix (April 15, 2003) – Today RiboMed was awarded a registered trademark by the US Patent and Trademark Office for their RiboLog products. RiboLogs are a class of novel nucleotide analogs tagged with signal generating reporter groups that can be enzymatically incorporated into RNA or DNA at extremely high efficiencies. The reporters can include fluorescent tags, cross linkers, antibody-specific haptens, metals, and other tags for immobilization or for production of a detectable, quantifiable signal. RiboLogs are the basis of RiboMed’s RiboMaker™ Detection System, which can be used to detect both the presence of and changes in specific DNA sequences, the presence of RNA and proteins that are associated with specific diseases, or the agents that cause diseases.

2002 New

RiboMed Receives DARPA Contract for Pathogen Work: Phoenix (November 19, 2002): RiboMed (trade name for Designer Genes, Inc.), a valley-based translational genomics company developing novel genetic detection technologies, was awarded a $211,000 contract from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the primary research and development center for the Department of Defense. The primary goal of the contract is to develop the signal-generating system for a portable device that will allow the rapid and specific detection of anthrax and other biological materials in humans or the environment. This will be a field device which can detect the presence of specific pathogens without the need for sophisticated, laboratory-based analysis.

“RiboMed is currently completing development of its RiboMaker™ Detection System, a rapid, isothermal, signal amplification system for the detection of target DNA, RNA, or protein. This should be the ideal signal generation chemistry for this device,” said Dr. Michelle Hanna, RiboMed president and CEO. “It is not a target amplification technology, nor a true signal amplification technology. Rather, it uses our proprietary technology, Abscription™. It will greatly facilitate the early detection of pathogens in the field.”

Most current technologies used for the detection and identification of anthrax require that samples be processed in a laboratory using expensive and sophisticated equipment. Most involve the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is inhibited by components in blood and many of the detergents used in pathogen DNA isolation. Abscription™ is far more robust and is not inhibited by many of these compounds. Thus, it is ideal for a field device of this type.

Designer Genes, Inc. Changes Its Name to RiboMed: Phoenix (November 18, 2002). Designer Genes, Inc., a valley-based translational genomics company specializing in the development of products for the early detection of diseases such as cancer and anthrax, is now doing business under the name RiboMed. The name change was made to more accurately reflect the company’s focus on ribonucleic acid (RNA) based technology.

“We changed the name because RiboMed more accurately represents our technology,” said company president and CEO, Dr. Michelle Hanna. “We are developing medical products utilizing proprietary nucleic acid chemistry that is primarily based on RNA. Our future therapeutics will be “ribotoxic drugs”, which will impair RNA metabolic pathways to inhibit uncontrolled cell division. RiboMed captures that dual focus and is unique in the marketplace.”

ACE Awards RiboMed “Talk of the Town” Phoenix (November 18, 2002): RiboMed (trade name of Designer Genes, Inc.), a company developing genetic-based disease detection technologies, was honored with “The Talk of the Town” award for Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) this month. The ACE Awards, sponsored by the Arizona Business Journal, KPMG, Brown & Bain, P.A., Comerica, and Momentum Interactive, is a newly created program to honor the 100 fastest growing companies in Arizona.

RiboMed, currently in its third year of operation in Phoenix, has received local attention because of its biotechnology and translational genomics focus and the efforts of company president and CEO, Dr. Michelle Hanna, to help recruit the International Genomics Consortium (IGC) to Arizona. Hanna was a member of the Governor’s Task Force on IGC, serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona BioIndustry Cluster, and continues to work with community leaders on the Flinn Foundation Project Steering Committee to develop a Roadmap for Arizona’s Future in the Biosciences.

“The ACE award is such an honor,” Hanna said. “It’s great to know that RiboMed has people talking and thinking about the phenomenal potential for growth in the biotechnology sector here in Arizona. We hope that having the IGC here will help to attract other biotechnology companies to the state and spawn new companies to commercialize technologies already under development at our Universities.