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Research Products & Services

RiboMed provides bisulfite-free and MSRE-free products and services for the ultra-sensitive & quantitative measurement of DNA methylation, even in FFPE tissues and bodily fluids used for liquid biopsies.

MethylMagnet®: Separation of Methylated & Unmethylated DNA based on DNA methylation density

MethylMeter® – A new standard for sensitivity in quantitative DNA methylation measurements with small quantities of DNA

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Clinical Diagnostics

RiboMed’s tests are offered in the CLIA certified/CAP accredited Ribomed Clinical Services Lab.

GliomaSTRAT measures genetic and epigenetic markers involved in brain cancer (glioma, GBM) and includes
(1) MGMT methylation measurement to predict TMZ response and

(2) glioma subtype determination with G-CIMP (glioma CpG island methylator phenotype) assignment and IDH1 WT and R132H mutation analysis.

Both multi-gene DNA methylation and mutational analysis in one assay with nanograms of DNA.

Physicians & Clinical Trial Customers:
To order the GliomaSTRAT test or any of its component parts (MGMT, IDH1 WT/R132H, G-CIMP) for analysis in Ribomed’s CLIA laboratory, contact Ribomed Clinical Services Lab.

GliomaSTRAT: Glioma Stratification for subtyping & drug response prediction

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Latest News

RiboMed receives NICHD award to develop epigenetic test for endometriosis

Ribomed and Tocagen collaborate to analyze epigenetic prognostic markers including MGMT in recurrent brain tumors.

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