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Leading the way in DNA Methylation Diagnostic and Research Solutions

Quantitative, Sensitive, Bisufite Free DNA Methylation Detection

Research Products & Services

RiboMed provides bisulfite-free products and services for the sensitive & quantitative measurement of CpG methylation, even in FFPE tissues, with virtually no failures.

MethylMagnet®: Separation of Methylated & Unmethylated DNA based on CpG methylation density

MethylMeter® – A new standard for sensitivity in quantitative DNA methylation measurements with small quantities of DNA

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Clinical Diagnostics

RiboMed’s proprietary MethylMeter®-based diagnostic tests provide superior DNA methylation and SNP analysis of FFPE tissues, urine, saliva, and blood.

Providing quantitative MGMT promoter DNA methylation measurements with less than 0.7% failure rate!

GliomaSTRAT measures genetic and epigenetic markers involved in brain cancer (glioma, GBM) and includes MGMT methylation measurement to predict TMZ response, G-CIMP assignment and IDH1 R132H SNP analysis to determine true tumor grade (High Grade Glioma vs Low Grade Glioma).
All in 1 assay with only nanograms of DNA.

GliomaSTRAT™: Glioma and GBM Grading and Drug Response Testing

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